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Building Management
"Building Operator?" "No, thank you"



Perfect Clean
Building Management Attiki

Debt collection
The headache of the Administrator for collecting the building shares of the apartment building is now past.
We undertake to collect the bills for you.
The management program includes:
  • Payment of shared expenses, bills (PPC, EYDAP, Cleaning Workshop, Elevator Workshop, Gardener and any related expenses)
  • Issue of bills and distribution of analytical notices with detailed cost per apartment
  • Collection of workshops for various works-repairs and renovations
  • Record cash register readings with record keeping
  • Planning and holding of General Meetings
  • Preparation of heating documents for the tax refund
  • Issuing aggregate cost expense for the tax office
Heating oil
Our company delivers accurately and confidently pure BP improved grade oil and always with our Company Warranty
Contact us and learn about Improved Quality Oil.
Disinfestations, Fumigation, Microbiology
Trust our many years of experience and drive away the annoying insects from your place.
We respect the environment and provide credibility to the Disinfestations-Microbials
For pest control and control, the company uses only approved products, advanced equipment, new technologies and always friendly products to the environment.
Sewerage Maintenance
Do you have problems with drains?
If YES have the solution!
Reliable and effective control for the definitive resolution of the problem.
The visit of our technician will give you the right and responsible solution.
Managing Director & Other Issues
M. Athanassiou
Head of Cleaning
G. Athanassiou