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Cleaning Services
Perfect Clean
Cleaning Services Attiki

Cleaning of apartment buildings
The stable staff and the correct and diligent work they provide combine the right results and the absolute cleaning of the apartment building.
Ask us today to offer you the cleaning offer of your space.
QUALITY AND EXCELLENT WORK give the best result
Our crews are INSURED IN IKA and our Company BEING LIABLE FOR THEM
The materials we use are Certified and Environmentally Friendly
Cleaning of offices
For proper office cleaning, we use materials and flat cleaning systems that can bind even smaller dust grains. These materials, combined with proper staff training, prevent infection transfer and provide effective cleaning.
Our experience in Open and Closed Cleanings gives satisfactory results that everyone wants.
Ask our company today to visit you and give you an offer.
Cleaning of apartments
The correct way that our company applies for the cleaning of our apartments is ranked first in demand.
We undertake the general cleaning of newly built or renovated apartments as well as their monthly maintenance.
Our workshops are insured with IKA and the company bears all responsibility for them.
Please contact us to let you know.
Private or Public Sector Cleanup
For proper and complete cleaning results of Private or Public Sector, we trust our many years of experience. We undertake all sorts of cleaning and maintenance. Ask our company today to visit you for a full update.

Managing Director & Other Issues
M. Athanassiou
Head of Cleaning
G. Athanassiou