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Technical Services
Perfect Clean


Ī¤echnical Works
  • Burners
Maintenance of the burner
The maintenance of the burner needs a lot of attention and includes the following actions:
  • Checking the supply of oil
  • Inspection and replacement of the injector
  • Adjustment of oil and pin sparger
  • Oil pump cleaning
  • Photo Resistance Cleaning
  • Connecting measuring instruments
  • Air regulation
  • Oil pressure adjustment
  • Measurement of combustion products
  • Combustion Control Fill Sheet
  • Paintings
Building Painting
Building outdoor attrition as well as indoor is a natural phenomenon.
Did the time come to paint your block of flats?
If YES, we undertake with our reputable crew, the general painting of indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • Electrical works
  • Plumbing works
  • Tiles - Placement


Natural Gas
  • Study
Natural gas placement
  • Services
  • Informing customers about Natural Gas
  • Fill in a request for connection to the Natural Gas Network and process it until the final approval by the PSC releases the interested party from all the time consuming procedures.
  • At the same time, an experienced engineer makes a measurement on the site of the interested person in order to issue a financial and technical offer for the internal installation of Natural Gas.
  • Then, following the technical specifications of the PSC and the technical regulation of internal installations (GG 963 / 15-7-2003), we prepare the required study signed by a mechanical engineer with the required designs, material certificates, strength and tightness testing devices and submit it for approval
  • After the approval of the study by the EPA, certified technicians of our company manufacture the internal installation according to the above study.
  • Finally the CPC certifies the project and the technician commissions the installation with the necessary adjustments.
  • Installation safety during work.
  • Financing the cost of installing the gas account from the EPA for large apartment buildings, (without the intermediation of a bank)
  • Annual maintenance of the facilities we do.
  • Safety
How safe is natural gas?
Safety by its nature
Natural gas is a natural product, lighter than air, and if it is released into the atmosphere, it is removed immediately. It is odorless but a characteristic odor is added to detect possible leakage. It is also not toxic, since it does not contain carbon monoxide.
Safety from facilities
The construction of a natural gas network in Attica is carried out on the basis of modern and strict specifications. Network operation is monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with a dedicated electronic system (SCADA) in the modern control center of the EPA. In addition, preventive and systematic on-the-spot checks are carried out by qualified technicians.
Specialized engineers, licensed plumbing installers and licensed burner technicians undertake the construction and adjustment of internal gas installations outside and inside the building. The internal installation regulation implemented by Attica Gas Supply Company SA is in line with the standards set by the European Community and applied in Western Europe.
Prior to the commencement of gas supply, the final inspection of the installation by the technical inspectors of Attiki Gas Supply Company is always carried out.
Device security
If the flame of the appliance goes out, the special mechanism provided by the gas appliances automatically shuts off its supply. In addition, a special natural gas detector can be installed in the room with an automatic shutdown of its supply.
  • I choose
Why Should i use Natural Gas?
By using natural gas every day at home, you enjoy the significant benefits it offers:
1. Economy: Natural gas is proven to be the most economical form of energy, with a saving of 20% compared to heating oil * and up to 60% compared to electricity.
* the price of gas is adjusted in relation to the price of oil once a month.
2. Ease of use: Gas is available whenever you need it through the installed network. You do not have to order or be on hand to pick it up and you always pay only as you consume. The operation of gas appliances is simple and offers convenience and comfort in your everyday life (eg providing hot water at the moment you need it.
3. Clean and save space: Natural gas does not require a tank facility while freeing off unpleasant odors and oil residues.
4. Reduced device maintenance costs: Clean gas burning ensures reduced device maintenance costs and longer service life.
5. Accuracy in post-consumption measurement and charging: Consumption is measured accurately according to the meter readings, just like the consumption of PPC and EYDAP. Unlike the oil paid on receipt, the payment of the gas bills takes place after consumption.
6. Environmental friendliness: Natural gas is the cleanest and least polluting fuel. Its use contributes significantly to reducing the greenhouse effect. It does not contain sulfur compounds that pollute the environment and cause the phenomenon of acid rain.
  • Application
Which applies it has in homes?
Natural gas can be used in a variety of applications and cases at home such as:
Central heating in the block of flats
If the apartment building has a central boiler-burner, with or without heating autonomy for each apartment, conversion to natural gas heating is simple:
1. The Attikis Gas Supply Company SA connects the block of flats with the underground gas grid that passes the road and places the gauge.
2. The oil burner is replaced by a gas burner without necessarily requiring a boiler change.
3. The natural gas meter is connected to the burner by piping.
So without substantial intervention in the building, you have a quick, easy and economical gas heating in your home. You do not have to change the heating water pipes, radiators or anything other than the installation of central heating. The oil tank is now unnecessary, you save space while getting rid of unpleasant odors and oil residues. Natural gas is available anytime through the installed network, you do not have to order it or you are ready to pick it up and you always pay only as you consume. In all cases, the consent of 50% plus 1 of the co-ownership of the apartment building is required.
Heating in a detached house or only in your apartment
If you have a house or you want natural gas only for your own apartment, you can install an individual boiler with a built-in gas burner inside the house or in a semi-outdoor area.
The wall-mounted appliance has very small dimensions, and can, in addition to continuous and economical heating, cover your needs in hot water. The supply of natural gas to your home is done with external piping from the meter to the individual boiler.
If you have a house, no change is required in the water pipes and radiators. In the case of a compartment it is likely that you only need to intervene in the water pipes that are connected to your private boiler and thus you really have 100% independent heating.
Cooking more delicious, faster and more economical.
Kitchen and gas go together. All famous chefs create only natural gas and this is not at all accidental. By cooking with natural gas all your favorite recipes become more delicious, since you have every moment of absolute control over the intensity of the energy that bakes, boils or fries. Hobs do not need warming up and the speed of cooking is impressive. The difference in the economy is high, up to 60% compared to electricity, while the difference in the taste of the food reaches 100%!
Hot water
With natural gas you always have plenty of hot water as soon as you want it, without waiting! The water heats up at the same time you turn on the tap and only as much as you need without wasting energy. With natural gas you have absolute comfort and economy of up to 60% compared to electricity!
  • Costs
How is the price of gas calculated?
The gas price is calculated on a monthly basis and is derived from the final average price of heating oil (including VAT) of the previous month and at a fixed rate of 20%, so that the final gas price is for all months year is consistently 20% more economical than the final price of heating oil.


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